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Welcome to the official documentation site for TinyPortal!

Ready to install TinyPortal and need some direction? Here you will find our TinyPortal Docs and a number of other boards and topics to help you work through any issues that you might face. Of course, you can always post to the Support Boards to ask any questions that you have. Please be sure to read our Posting Guidelines.

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Layout: Use just the title style
Show title: No

The sorting of articles is controlled by the Article category. To determine the sorting method for your articles you will need to check the category setting. See for details: Article categories. When you have defined what method you want to use to sort the articles in a category you can sort your articles by changing the article attribute used for sorting.  Possible attributes are 'date', 'author', 'position' or 'id number' of the articles (ascending or descending).

To sort your articles you can go to: TinyPortal > Manage articles. Then select the category with the articles you wish to sort and you will see a list of articles within that category.

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Layout: Use frame and title style from theme
Show title: No

Most settings related to articles can be found in the definition of the article itself. Some settings in TinyPortal can be made for ALL articles. These settings control general visual options and the general control of the WYSIWYG Editor included in Tinyportal.

In order to access these general article settings "Tiny Portal > Manage Articles" and select "Settings" in the Tinyportal menu.

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Articles are extra content pages that can be displayed just like any other part of the forum. The articles can customized completely to your liking: they may contain text and images (like a blog or documentation), forms or anything else that you can imagine.

When creating articles, there are different types of articles to choose from:
  • HTML: Article which contains HTML coding. This may be used to easily port existing web-pages to an article.
  • PHP: Article which contains PHP coding. This allows for complex functionality, but requires coding skills.
  • BBC: Article which contains Bulletin Board code. Similar to regular forum posts: most suited for users with limited technical skills.
  • EXTERNAL: Article that uses an include of a file outside TP, typically stored on the same server.

In order to be displayed in TinyPortal, articles are to be placed in articles categories. When accessing a Tinyportal category or sub-category page all articles within the category will be displayed in a customizable layout. Go to Article categories for more information on the subject.

Articles also have total customization. You can make each article appear as though it is part of the forum, or not part of the forum. Simple by adjusting what panels & blocks appear with the article, what theme is used and even comes with comments and a rating system that you can choose to enable or not.

To learn more about it's options, please read: Creating an article.

Updated 13/10/2018 by @rjen

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Deze clubrit is in verband met het corona virus afgelast.

Let op:

De beschrijving van deze rit wordt in de regel enkele weken voor de start geplaatst. Read More

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Blocks is a term for the rectangles of information you can use throughout the portal. For the sake of simplicity the page has been divided into the "panels", which when combined can mimic many common page layouts. These blocks can contain regular html, php code or special written functions that collect specific types of information. You can show them according to which permissions the visitor has, and even show them just in certain sections. You will come to love playing with them.

Go to the TinyPortal 'forum page' to see several Block types in action. 

To learn more about blocks and the options, please read:
Creating a block
Block Settings
or review other relevant information about blocks at: Documentation on blocks

To learn more about panels, please read this: What are Panels?.

Doc Written 12/19/2015 By: Ken.
Updated 08/11/2018 by: @rjen

Layout: Use frame style, but not title style
Show title: Yes

Article categories are titled sections in which you can place your articles for easier organization and navigation.  You can create as many categories as you would like and it is also possible to arrange categories into sub-categories.  You can also choose not to place an article into a category, or "*not assigned*". The article will not be available visitors though.

To create a category, go to: "TinyPortal > Manage articles > Categories".

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Layout: Do not use title/frame styles
Show title: Yes

If needed, you can enrich your
articles pages using illustrative article icons. These icons are illustrations that you can upload yourself and -when choosing a
suitable category layout- will show next to your articles.

To manage the available icons, add new ones or delete unused icons you can go to "Tinyportal" and in the Tinyportal menu
choose the "Icons" option.

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Layout: Use frame style, but not title style
Show title: No

TinyPortal is designed to allow the administrator to select who can post and moderate articles by membergroup.

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Layout: Use just the title style
Show title: Yes

There are several article types to choose from: HTML, PHP, BBC, External and Cat
. All will share similar options, except for the Cat List and there are some different options
available in the text editor for the other types of articles.

To adjust an article's visual options, such as showing left panel, right panel, author, date, etc. Go to: "
TinyPortal > Manage articles. Then select The Article you wish to adjust) and click on the article name
or on the Edit icon .

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Layout: Use frame and title style from theme
Show title: Yes

A Beginners Guide to the TinyPortal Article Management System. 

This short how-to will give forum managers/owners who have just started using TinyPortal some basic detail on how to use the TinyPortal Article System as a very easy and convenient way to add and manage extra pages that you may wish to include in your site and forum. And, it is our hope that seasoned forum managers will find this article useful as well.

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